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                                                            Writer/Director: Petr Brodacký</span></p>

     <p id="u896-6"><span id="u896-5">Petr is a rogue artist and filmmaker of whom nothing is known.

It is his life mission to fight cronyism and favoritism plaguing our society. He only makes slow progress. Mostly because, he's nobody's crony.


<p id="u896-3"><span id="u896-2">                     Producer: Aaron Karns</span></p>

     <p id="u896-4">&nbsp;</p>

                                         Aaron used to be competitive wrestler in high school.

                Nowadays, he fights for every project he produces like there is no tomorrow.


<span id="u914-2">I know, reADing stuff formated like this sucks.</span></p>


   <div class="verticalspacer">Cast: Helen Allemano, Sarah Nicklin, Randy Tobin</div>

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"Seducing Collision" is an indie comedy written and directed by Petr Brodacký.


Taking  place almost exclusively in real time and in one location,


the story presents Blake H. dodging seduction attempts of a highly motivated, young woman hired by someone close to him.

80minutes in 30seconds

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